Dubai is often on the forefront of technology thanks to its vast wealth. Its rich beneficiaries and residents have funded the rapid expansion and growth in the area, developing everything from huge hotels to manmade islands.

However, their latest idea seems to be taking technology a step closer to science fiction. The Dubai police force are looking at introducing robots to shopping malls and other public areas in just two years time. While they won’t be up to RoboCop standards right away, the police will hope to improve them quickly as they carry out more research.

Speaking at a security conference in Dubai to press, Colonel Khalid Nasser Alrazooq spoke about what the robots will be capable of – “The robots will interact directly with people and tourists. They will include an interactive screen and microphone connected to the Dubai Police call centers. People will be able to ask questions and make complaints, but they will also have fun interacting with the robots.”

“These will be fully intelligent robots that can interact with people, with no human intervention at all. This is still under research and development, but we are planning on it.”

The move might raise concerns amongst those worried that artificial intelligence could eventually go on to become a major threat to humanity in the future. Recently, Stephen Hawking warned of the potential dangers of developing smarter A.I. as technology progresses.

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