Robert Durst’s story might not have been well known to the general public before now but the man was certainly known to authorities in a number of different states. In particular, the real estate tycoon has been the prime suspect in the 2000 murder of his former best friend Susan Berman in California. Robert Durst is also suspected of being involved in the death of his former wife in 1982 and the untimely demise of a Texas neighbor in 2002.

The trio of deaths led to HBO films airing a six part documentary centered around Robert Durst titled The Jinx. During one episode after another, the documentary showed the increasing odd behavior of the rich heir but it was comments he made when he was off camera that have grabbed the most attention. After filming an interview with the film’s director, Durst excused himself to go to the bathroom. Richard was still wearing his microphone and it was still live. While in the bathroom, the subject of The Jinx began talking to himself. Durst can be heard whispering to himself “What the hell did I do?” he can then be heard answering his own question with “killed them all of course.

While authorities claim they were getting ready to arrest Robert Durst before this tape became public, the timing has struck many as quite odd. The tycoon was arrested over the weekend and just one day before all of America saw the chilling footage.

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