Rick and Morty had a Nintendo 3DS gag last night

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  • "Nintendo! Give me free stuff!" Anyone know if Dan Harmon/Justin Roiland were successful in getting any free stuff?
  • Perfect description of what I'm gonna be doing on Black Friday when the limited edition new Mario 3ds comes out
  • Zelda Nintendo 3DS In the latest episode of Rick and Morty. Pray for Mr. Poopy Butthole
  • I wish I could do something like this and get free stuff from Nintendo
  • All the mousepad-related mania lately reminds me of something
  • [contains a swear] Rick&Morty gives nintendo free publicity
  • Rick and Morty try to take Nintendo for a riiiiiiiiiiiide
  • Rick and Morty had a Nintendo 3DS gag last night
  • I think this Rick and Morty clip belongs here
  • Rick and Morty Legend of Zelda 3DS Scene
  • Ever since I started collecting games
  • Rick and Morty are into flipping
  • When Deca adds content
  • me irl
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    Wendy Huel
    I love how Rick and Morty is just exploding with more popularity with every week it releases a new episode.
  • rick and morty 3ds scene