When it comes to doing business, there are all kinds of things people like restaurant owners have to worry about. We’ve all seen the “warning, coffee is hot” labels in the McDonald’s but one restaurant seems to have taken making sure it avoided liability to a whole new level. The Mirror reports that the restaurant; Cyrus Restaurant, has recently posted a warning sign that appears to be telling parents they shouldn’t hold their infant children up to the facility’s ceiling fans.

Perhaps the best part of the warning sign is just how illustrative the poster really is. Not only does it appear that a mother is holding the child up, a man appears to be running up to the scene frantically waving his arms in an attempt to stop her. Of course, the comedy comes when realizing that signs like this rarely get posted unless the problem has actually happened. That means someone didn’t realize they shouldn’t hold their baby up to the ceiling fans, and wouldn’t realize it if they hadn’t have posted a sign.

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