The Steakhouse restaurant in Britain has been hit with a fine after it was found out they were serving customers horse meat instead of zebra meat. Officers from the UK’s fair trade discovered the horse meat after going undercover at a taste testing of the restaurant’s food.

According to two of the Trading Standards officers, they placed an order of wildebeest and zebra. When they received their tickets, the two notice a mistake on their listed orders. One order was listed as one venison, salad and chips; the other was one horse, salad and chips. The waiter told one of the officers that the receipt was a mistake and to ignore it. When the Trading Standards officers had the meat analyzed, the listed zebra turned out to be horse.

Earlier this week, Kunal Soni, the restaurant’s boss pleaded guilty to misinforming customers. He was given a one-year conditional discharge and was order to pay $6,200.

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