Every decision we make may not necessarily be a conscious one but it does say a lot about our personality. A recent study conducted by body language and behavior expert Patti Wood of Emory University aims to give us a glimpse into our personality based on the way we consume our pizza.

According to Wood, there are four basic categories of people based on the various ways of chowing down on the popular dish. The first kind of people are those who go at their pizza crust-first. These individuals are known to be innovative, bold, unusual and tend to think outside the box. They are commonly seen as influencers in society and make an impact on their social circles.

The second category involves those who like to fold their pizza before consuming it. These people are usually the ones who don’t mind getting their hands dirty in order to complete the task at hand and are the most common category of pizza eaters. Then there are the straight up biters who don’t rely on any technique. They believe in being perfectionists and do not want to take any stress by making a mess.

The last category involves those who use a knife and fork to dissect the dish. These people are usually careful, methodical, stable and calm. They tend to be supporters in a social situation and usually make a lot of friends. Making a great pizza is clearly not easy but consuming it clearly has a lot of strings attached to it as well.

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