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Red Letter Media- A Conversation with Max Landis

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  • RedLetterMedia Interviews Filmmaker Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra, Victor Frankenstein)
  • A Conversation With Max Landis--And RedLetterMedia
  • Red Letter Media- A Conversation with Max Landis
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    Lawrence Schowalter
    Well my opinion of Max has changed somewhat and stayed the same. He is definitely a high energy, passionate guy with a million thoughts running through his head so I can see where people might get confused about what he is saying. That being said, he does come across as somebody confused as to why nobody gets his "art". I've never seen his films so I can't say. On the other hand, he did bring up some very good points from an insider perspective about criticism, the internet and the Hollywood system. I can see how a writer could go absolutely nuts in this environment. Mike was definitely holding back though, his body language was silently screaming. All in all, other than a bit of obliviousness, Max seemed like a decent guy that is just not a PR person and falls into the trap of trying to defend himself on the internet. I can't wait to see him maybe a bit more relaxed on BotW and for....Breen!
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