Real Life Mjolnir

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  • You and your team have hardened the branch, even found a few customers to daringly live-preview your beta! Everything has worked perfectly and now you're all ready for production... then QA comes along at 4:21
  • [Videos] An engineer builds a replica Thor hammer that only releases its magnetic properties through his unique finger print. He then pranks people to try to lift it!
  • Disney should DEFINITELY make one of these for the Thor at the meet n greet. Maybe even with a remote control so an operator could choose who to let lift it
  • Guy makes real replica of Thor's hammer (Mjolnir) that only he can lift, using a mix of mega magnets and a fingerprint scanner
  • Guy builds a real life Mjollnir and lets people try to lift it, but apparently only he is worthy
  • A guy built a replica of Thor's Hammer. Only he who is worthy can lift up the hammer
  • Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor
  • My friend from college made a real-life version of Thor's Hammer
  • Real life Mjölnir, made with the help of an Arduino Pro Mini
  • Guy recreates Thor's hammer - but only he can lift it up
  • Real Mjolnir (Using electromagnet, fingerprint scanner)
  • Real Mjolnir (Electromagnet, Fingerprint Scanner)
  • Guy builds a real Mjolnir that only he can wield
  • This guy built a working real-life Mjolnir
  • Thor's hammer only an Engineer can lift
  • Real Life Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer)
  • So my friend made a real Mjolnir
  • Guy built a "working" Mjolnir
  • Homemade working Thor Hammer
  • Real Mjölnir (Thor's Hammer)
  • THOR'S Hammer In Real Life
  • Mjolnir is real ! (kinda)
  • マイティ・ソーのハンマー(ミョルニル)作ってみた
  • Real-life Thor's Hammer
  • Thor's Hammer Prank
  • Are you worthy?
  • How much force
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