Rapper Hopsin's interesting take on modern rappers

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  • "Hopsin" - No Words [Hip Hop] [2015] Directed By @George_Orozco DP @justinJonesDP Producer Don Cunana
  • Hopsin, a commonly known defender releases a music video "dissing" Future, Migos & others
  • With the way rap is nowadays. Would not be surprised if this was on the radio soon
  • [FRESH VIDEO] Hopsin - No Words (his best song)
  • Rappers these days don't even say words anymore
  • The bean WITHOUT ear-rape sounds really weird
  • Hopsin destroys new rappers with "No Words"
  • Accurate depiction of trippin on some Lean
  • My favourite desiigner song on New English
  • How mainstream radio rap sounds today
  • Hopsin's impression of rappers today
  • How everyone feels about trap music
  • No Words: New Fire from Hopsin
  • Hopsin parodies mumble rappers
  • All rap songs these days
  • Hopsin - No Words(2015)
  • Hopsin on today's rap
  • xd fellow mineman
  • Rap these days
  • So true
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