A young puppy amazingly survives a huge fall over a cliff in Dorset. The 10-month-old terrier, Tavi, was reportedly chasing a flock of sheep while on a walk with her owners. She first fell 20 feet from the seaside cliff onto a ledge and wasn’t harmed. Owners then reached out to a coastguard to rescue the puppy. While the coastguard was being brought down, the puppy got scared and ran away, falling an additional 330 feet down the cliff and presumably to her death.

In an incredible turn of events, The Mirror reports that the rescue efforts were positive and Tavi was found alive: “She came to rest deep in a thick bramble bush from which she was plucked to safety by coastguards who had been on the beach searching the cliff face for her. Incredibly the dog appeared to be fine and was later reunited with her owners.” Let’s hope the owners are a little more careful next time when walking their dog.

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