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Probably the funniest video game glitch video I've ever seen

source: youtube

  • In a Sherlock Holmes games, instead of giving your companion a walking animation he teleports to you when ever your back is turned
  • Creepy Watson - This is old as shit but I'd be doing a disservice if I didn't make sure you'd all seen it
  • That awkward phase where you haven't *quite* gotten presence imposition nailed down yet
  • We have Shellock Holmes, now all we need is an Abra as Watson, then we can do this
  • So Endermen teleports unless you look at them... This reminds me of something
  • Watson stalks Sherlock Holms, creepier than the haunted Majora's Mask vids
  • Somehow I couldn't shake the feeling that I've seen this somewhere before
  • Totally forgot this existed, Creepy Watson Xpost from /r/gaming
  • Probably the funniest video game glitch video I've ever seen
  • Creepy Watson (from the game Sherlock Holmes Nemesis) [Vid]
  • Creepy Watson... I have no idea why I found this so funny
  • Creepy Watson is creepy. Game is Sherlock Holmes Nemesis
  • A very creepy Dr. Watson, crosspost from another /r
  • Creepy Watson [Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis demo]
  • Not sure if already posted but creepy as hell
  • Elementary, my dear Watson, you're possessed
  • Looks like Watson looked into their eyes
  • Don't blink, Watson's a weeping angel!!!
  • Visualization of the mastered technique
  • Does this remind you guys of something?
  • No, really. Watson is here to help you
  • Scary yet hilarious at the same time
  • Batman reminded me of this creep
  • Watson is just a little creepy
  • The weeping angel of gaming!
  • Oh, Hey Watso-OH HOLY SH-!
  • Watson is a weeping angel
  • Watson is pretty creepy
  • ever get this feeling?
  • Overly attached Watson
  • Watson, you scary
  • †_ WutFace
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