Pretty Little Liars aired its fifth season finale, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Tuesday night, and fans finally know the identity of A. The four liars were trapped inside of A’s dollhouse, where A made creepy replicas of the girls’ bedrooms. While there, the liars found out that Mona Vaderwaal has been alive the entire time and A was keeping her in there, dressed up as Alison DiLaurentis.

The four liars, Spencer, Hannah, Aria and Emily, with the help of Mona, teamed together to finally figure out who exactly this monster known as A is. It was revealed that A does indeed have a name and it is Charles. Spencer figured out that Charles is the son of Jessica DiLaurentis after she snuck into A’s vault and saw his home videos that included Jessica DiLaurentis holding a baby girl and two blonde boys. There wasn’t any confirmation as to whether the two blonde boys could be Jason and Charles or if they are twins. But Pretty Little Liars fans now know that A is related to the DiLaurentis family in some way.

In a recent interview, Pretty Little Liars’ show runner Marlene King said that fans will find out Charles’ reasoning for torturing the girls all these years in the upcoming season. “The motivation of this “A” has excited me as much as the identity and having these last 10 episodes to find out about the why—it’s important. We’ve been so invested for so long in the who that it’s time to start asking ‘why?'”

As the story unfolds, Pretty Little Liars will be getting closer to the finish line. The sixth season of Pretty Little Liars, which is currently in production, will return this summer.