Precious Baby Elephant Struggles With Bath Time

source: youtube

We all know bath time with little ones can be quite the challenge, and apparently it’s not only with human youngsters. Claus Jorgensen was lucky enough to visit Elephantstay, a reserve at the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace and Royal Kraal in Thailand. Elephantstay allows visitors from all over to live with, learn about, and care for these gentle giants. As you can see, Claus captured this adorable video of a baby elephant attempting to take a bath.

The baby elephant tumbles and tosses through the water while getting sprayed down with a hose. You can tell the elephant is really enjoying himself. He can’t quite sit still and make it in and out of the tub without flopping or stumbling into it. There are even times when he steals the hose and runs. This little guy is clearly making the most of his bath time, but I think next time they should use a much larger tub.

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    Santina Dibbert
    I liked the part where he just casually dropped a dookie while diving in.