Possibly the best PC game trailer I've ever watched

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  • Behemoth knows what's up: 1,000,000p resolution, 21,000FPms, 5X Oculus Rift support, "Sound effects when characters do stuff"
  • After listening to the narrating voice of Battleblock Theater I think we could need him as an announcer
  • Two years later this still remains the best steam announcement trailer i've seen
  • This game trailer for Battleblock Theater is possibly one of the funniest ever
  • BattleBlock Theater Steam Trailer. I bought it right after seeing this
  • [Worthy Repost] This should be the standard for every trailer on steam
  • The only right way to announce a cross-platform game coming to steam
  • BattleBlock Theater shows us how much better the PC version will be
  • am i the only one hoping for a sjin and duncan playthrough of this?
  • The Battleblock Theater devs seem to know how to sell their game
  • I have two words for you that will change your life forever
  • Battleblock Theater Trailer, A Glorious Tribute to our Race
  • Best Steam Release Trailer **Ever** [BattleBlock Theater]
  • BattleBlock Theater Steam Announcement Trailer - YouTube
  • Possibly the best PC game trailer I've ever watched
  • One of the best PC game trailers I've seen
  • BattleBlock Theater Oculus Rift Support*
  • The best game trailer I have ever seen
  • Best trailer I've seen in a long time
  • Possibly the best Steam trailer ever?
  • Console Peasants Can't Even Handle!
  • Best Video Game Trailer Ever Made
  • This PC game trailer
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