Curry Shop Shimizu, located in Japan has a strange item on their menu — poo flavored curry! The Tokyo-based eatery opened earlier this month and the idea behind the curry came from executive chef Ken Shimizu. According to sources, “[Shimizu] designed the defecation dish to remind people of his other line of work: As a male porn actor who has eaten feces in some of his films.”

To be fair, the dish does not contain actual poop, it is made with cocoa powder, green tea and bitter gourd but when combined, these ingredients looks and taste similar to human feces. The poop illusion is further enhanced as the dish is served in a toilet-shaped porcelain bowl. The chef/porn-star actually conducted market research to see if there was a demand for his poop-flavored curry and 85 percent of customers said they have no desire to taste it.

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