A manhunt is underway in Louisiana after a convicted killer, who is supposed to be serving a 40 year sentence, was mistakenly released from prison early. Police only found out about the error when a local resident noticed the man walking down the street and they are now treating the incident as if Benjueil Johnson had escaped from jail.

Johnson has been free since September 23rd after officials at Dixon Correctional institute approved the 32-year-old for early release for good behavior for a different crime unrelated to his manslaughter conviction. Somehow, the authorities then missed that he was still supposed to serve some 30 years in prison and transferred him to another facility where he was able to escape after posting $10,000 for bail.

The police are now searching areas near to where Johnson has family and friends, believing he may have gone to them for support. The convict was originally sentenced after he plead guilty to manslaughter and wrongful possession of a firearm after 31-year-old Cordies Gales was killed after a gambling disagreement.

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