A Florida cop, who was once named police officer of the year, was taken into custody on a charge of receiving and distributing child pornography after possessing videos, showing kids engaging in sexual acts.

27-year-old Michael Harding, who is a married man with three children of his own, was charged with receiving and sending child pornography, facing up to 20 years in jail. Authorities searched Harding’s house, discovering flash drives containing multiple videos of young kids performing sex acts. Michael was named the Police Officer of the Year back in 2011, however has been put on administrative leave without salary during the inquiry.

John Bolduc, Chief of Port St. Lucie Police, said that if the accusations are true, it is extremely disturbing. He further said that Harding did extremely well on all the different things they do while recruiting; such as polygraphs, psychological evaluations, and all that checked out fine.

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