On Sunday in western New York, burglars broke into the restaurant Build-A-Burger and stole the cash register and the surveillance system to cover their tracks. The owners called the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office to report the case.

At the scene, however, a trail of macaroni salad led away from the store to nearby Greenway Trail, a hiking and biking path. The burglars, as it turns out, had stolen the macaroni salad along with the cash register and surveillance system, and they had eaten it while they made their getaway.

Police followed the trail until they found broken parts of the cash register, surveillance system, rubber gloves, loose change, and the rest of the macaroni salad. The suspects were caught later that Sunday afternoon and charged with grand larceny, burglary, and criminal mischief. Furthermore, one of the suspects was in the possession of an illegal substance along with hypodermic needles.

The suspects have been arraigned and are currently residing in Livingston County Jail.

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