Police in Swindon are currently being forced to apologize for disturbing people within the public with the loud roar of their sirens earlier this week. The police officers in question wanted to settle a debate that had begun by a question from a five-year-old, who asked whether the sirens make a “nee-naw” or “woo-woo” sound. The police, wanting to help everyone clarify this particular situation, decided to flare up their vehicles and the sirens attached.

According to News Talk, the police community support officers of Haydonleigh Primary School in Swindon, Wiltshire, were talking to three classes when one of the youngest children raised a question about the cars.

Speaking in a Facebook post early this morning, North Swindon Police have apologized to the locals “who may have been disturbed by our sirens yesterday morning. Their officers were involved in “a very important debate” with the Junior Infants about whether they go nee-nah or woo-woo.

The police are thanking all of the children who participated, especially those who said “that we should have police rhinos.” The police department are “looking into the possibility of training police rhinos to knock down the ‘baddies’ front door.

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