A pilot for airline company Air Canada has carried out an emergency landing in Germany in order to save the life of a dog that was being carried on board in the cargo hold. The heating system on the passenger plane had failed and, realizing that this would put the animal at serious risk of freezing to death on a long haul flight across the Atlantic ocean, decided to touch down in Frankfurt rather than Toronto.

The move meant that the passengers on board faced a 75 minute delay and Air Canada will have to pay around $10,000 in landing fees and the additional fuel costs. However, those on board appeared to be more than willing to wait in order to make sure that the 7-year-old French Bulldog didn’t come to any harm.

After the pilot landed the plane, Simba was transferred to another flight in his transport crate so that he could make the journey safely, while the passengers and crew carried on their journey on the original plane.

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