Peter Dinklage reacts to winning an Emmy

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  • MRW My midwife tells me that vaccinations cause Autism, and they're nothing but poison - and the CIA is spraying the ozone with aluminum, those aren't clouds they're chemical trails!
  • MRW someone explains that I am a dwarf and I don't believe him but everyone seems to be backing him up
  • MRW I'm at a psychic's show and he insults me telepathically and everyone else is very impressed
  • When I'm browsing reddit and I notice someone actually posted something in Overwatchmemes
  • MRW the staff at a restaurant start singing happy birthday
  • MRW everyone on the plane starts clapping after it lands
  • MRW I get a perfect score on a test I didn't study for
  • MRW I get an A in a test I thought I did bad in
  • MRW I pass a class I completely gave up on
  • Peter Dinklage reacts to winning an Emmy
  • MRW I get a B on my most recent midterm
  • MRW I find out the Emmy's were on
  • MRW I forget what clapping is