nless you have been living under a rock this summer, you would know all about the untimely demise of Cecil the Zimbabwean lion. Walter Palmer, a professional dentist in Minnesota, sadly put an end to the life of this beautiful wild creature for sport. In return, Palmer has been chewed out by the media, the country, and in particular, the animal rights activist group PETA.

To get back at both him and the Cecil The Lion Killer costume, PETA decided to design and begin selling a Halloween costume which depicts Palmer being attacked and eaten by the king of the jungle. The name of the costume is called “Cecil’s Revenge” and it will sell for approximately $139.99. The costume will include a stuffed lion pouncing on the back of a bloody lab coat.

If you are looking to wear one of the most unique ensembles that will surely get you the ‘best costume’ vote at your Halloween shin-dig, then why not get the fur flying with this get-up.

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