A perfectly preserved puppy which died more than 12,000 years ago has been discovered hidden in Siberia’s permafrost, according to Express. Russian researchers discovered the dog, which they say is in a perfect state, and think it is the sibling of another mummified puppy discovered nearby in 2011. The discovery was made by scientists looking for evidence that the ancient man tamed canines. It is thought that its owners may have been mammoth hunters. Caked in mud, the dog was found six feet from the permafrost grave of the dog discovered 4 years ago.

According to researchers, the dogs were killed by a landslide on a bank of River Syalakh. Sergei Fedorov, a member of the research team, said that the condition of their new discovery is perfect. Fedorov further said that the animal is preserved from tail to nose. Dr Mietje Germonpre of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences examined the remains of the first dog and called the discovery “the world’s oldest mummified puppy.” She said that scan results show that it is a primitive puppy, and at present it is the most primitive one found in northern Siberia.

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