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Penguin falls down resulting in best sound ever

source: youtube

  • As per rules, here's one of my favorite videos on YouTube [12s]
  • Penguin falls down, all his buddies give him the business
  • Penguin falls over to the amusement of his friends
  • Penguin falls down resulting in best sound ever
  • Happy cake day to me? Enjoy this penguin
  • [Haiku] Complex penguin communication
  • The best 12 seconds on the Internet
  • [Haiku] Penguins out on a stroll
  • Penguin falls down. Enough said
  • His reply gets me every time
  • My favorite penguin blooper
  • Trying to get around campus
  • [Haiku]Penguin falls down
  • Penguin falling down = <3
  • Penguins are Aww on ice
  • Penguin takes a tumble
  • Penguin slips [Haiku]
  • A penguin falls down
  • MRW I read the rule
  • Best. Noise. Ever
  • So flipping cute
  • me irl
  • noes
  • ...
    Evert Little
    Translation: "Owwww...FUCK"
  • ...
    Yvette Terry
    I wish penguin videos were the new cat videos. [I fucking adore penguins](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wTWWjYTe1I).
  • penguin falls down resulting in best sound ever
  • penguin falls down sound
  • penguin falling down gif
  • penguin falls down best sound ever