In case you missed the announcement last month, they are finally making a sequel to Zoolander. A definitive plot has not yet been outlined, but what we do know so far is that your two favorite male models Derek Zoolander and Hansel (played once again by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, respectively) are still at it in the world of fashion although their age has made it increasingly difficult for them to keep up with such a fickle industry.

Other familiar faces that will also be returning include the now enormously famous Will Ferrell, as the super-creep fashion designer Mugatu, and Stiller’s lovely real-life wife Christine Taylor as intrepid reporter Matilda Jeffries. Now the world has one more star to get excited for — Stiller, who is returning as director, has just announced that Academy Award nominee Penelope Cruz is set to appear in the film. Her role, like fellow new cast member Kristen Wiig, is yet unspecified. The film is set to be released early next year.