An Atlanta mega church Pastor is asking for $60 million in donations from his congregation in order to purchase a new private jet. Creflo Dollar, a pastor at the World Changers Church International, asked 200,000 people to donate at least $300 or more to help his church purchase a Gulfstream G650 plane. The private jet costs approximately $65 million. The call for donations was posted on the Creflo Dollar Ministries website and was labeled ‘Project G650 Campaign’.

The message stated that the Atlanta based church feel as though it is time to replace the aircraft they currently have so that its staff can continue to move safely and swiftly to spread the word of the Gospel worldwide. It also tries to persuade users by with a donation, members would be helping the church continue to reach out to a lost and dying world that needs the Lord Jesus Christ. As of today, the message asking for the $60 million donations has been removed from the website.

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