Following a complaint by an 85-year-old woman that a parrot would constantly shout obscenities at her whenever she passed the house it was in, police ordered the owner to bring the animal to the police station.

The woman argued that her stepson had trained his parrot to say swear words at her as she walked past his house and she made an official report to the police to solve the issue. Officers then decided that the only way to see if the woman was telling the truth would be to get all three parties in the police station at the same time and see if the parrot really did scream curse words at the elderly lady.

The residents of Rajura, in the Chadrapur district of India, arrived at the station but the parrot managed to keep quiet for the duration of the trip while officers closely monitored the animal. “There is a dispute over land and property between the woman and her stepson. We watched the parrot carefully but it did not utter a word at the police station after being confronted by the complainant,” Police Inspector P S Dongre said.

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