A massive leap in medical sciences has taken place that allowed a paralyzed man to walk four meters by transmitting electrical signals from his brain directly to his knees. This is the type of technology that seemed unreasonable even by science fiction standards, but has now become a reality with near-infinite applications.

Adam Fritz, a 26 year old American was the subject of this wonderful experiment. He was left paralyzed by an accident five years ago but doctors managed to bypass his damaged nerves and successfully transmitted signals directly to his knee with the help of electrodes.

Adam had to undergo a lot of preparation before this experiment was conducted. He received mental training in order to reactivate his brain’s ability to walk while also having to spend months stimulating his leg muscles for the upcoming activity. Although Adam only managed to walk four meters during the experiment, it is considered a great success and immense scientific breakthrough with the potential to change millions of lives around the world.

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