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Pacific Rim - Official Trailer

source: youtube

  • So here's the deal: A movie about Mechas fighting Monsters (godzilla size) with their bare hands. What's the best? the Robot's IA is GlaDOS
  • Its Mobile Fighter G Gunman with GLaDOS as an actor, Oh I mean the Pacific Rim Trailer :D
  • Great minds... Kaiju Steel conceived before Pacific Rim. Super coincidence!
  • Pacific Rim Official Trailer: Looks like big monsters are back in style
  • Pacific Rim trailer - The robot voice is totally GLaDOS from Portal!
  • Reddit, can we please go out and support this gem of an indie movie?
  • Is it just me or is GLaDOS in this new trailer for Pacific Rim?
  • Not exactly MechWarrior, but it is a giant stompy robot movie
  • Pacific Rim Trailer (Guillermo Del Toro giant robot movie)
  • Pacific Rim movie using GLaDOS voice (trailer).. thoughts?
  • Apparently GLaDOS doubles as a voice actor. (skip to 0:45)
  • Pacific Rim Official Trailer - In UK Cinemas July 12
  • Someone recognize the computer's voice at 1:07 ??
  • Trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's "Pacific Rim" -
  • GlaDOS now helping humans? (Pacific Rim Trailer)
  • Ellen McClain in the new "Pacific Rim" trailer
  • First Pacific Rim trailer - looks impressive
  • So a certain A.I stars in a movie this year
  • Jax Teller with a katana? Well, sort of
  • Someones voice sounds oddly familiar
  • First full trailer of Pacific Rim
  • Jax - SOA goes to the Pacific Rim
  • Pacific Rim 1st Trailer HD
  • Oh BP, you did it again!
  • GLaDOS in Pacific Rim