A gentleman within Wales was recently refused a drink from within his own pub after 11 o’clock at night – because the bar had closed down at this point in the night – so he decided to try and destroy the entire establishment with a construction digger.

The man, who has not been charged with any of the damages, got away with the entire ordeal because he owns the property, according to the police. Because he owns this bar, the man ‘can do as he pleases’ with it, oddly enough.

The 45-year-old pub owner, Mark Swistun, used a 28-ton digger to take down his business within the seaside town of Penclawdd. He had the courtesy to do so in the middle of the night, which means no one was in the building at the time, thankfully. However, this means, after being refused a drink in his own bar, that he probably went home and drank for a couple of hours.

Police said: “At the end of the day the building belongs to him so he can do what he likes with it. We would have needed someone to make an official complaint about the damage he caused. No one came forward to do that.”

Swistun invested £60,000 into the pub with his partner Colin McDonald, just one-year ago. He will probably need the same, if not more, in order to rebuild, though.

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