Open your eyes!

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  • TIL Bret Hart travels around Alberta and donates computers to the less fortunate and helps set them up
  • Bret Hart truly is the most technical wrestler of all time
  • There it is right there in front of you the whole time
  • [youtubehaiku] You're dereferencing a null pointer!
  • Come on guys! You're dereferencing a null pointer!
  • [Haiku] Bret Hart Finds Work After Wrestling
  • Common problem with memory unsafe languages
  • Keo slaps some knowledge down on the nerds
  • [Poetry] Bret Hart is your company IT guy
  • For those of you who have taken cs 136:
  • When the human player does programming
  • Bret "Hitman" Hart auditing code
  • Bret Hart, your company's IT guy
  • Bret Hart knows what's up!
  • Open your eyes!
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    Judah O'Keefe
    Is that Brett the fucking Hitman Hart!?