"Ooo cocaine!"

source: imgur

  • MRW my ex only contacts me to hassle me about money--which is part of why we broke up--when I just saw that he signed up to be a sugar daddy on a SD/SB dating site
  • This weird little shiver is embarrassing for someone who thinks they can be president of the USA
  • MRW my buddy is high and I ask him what he's on and he says "STFU, my temperament is fine!!!"
  • MRW when I'm a chipmunk and ready to settle down for hibernation
  • Hillary after last nights debate. Credit to /u/mikeythedinosaur
  • Her RW Bill reminds her what comes after Valentine's dinner
  • Is this more proof of Hillary having Parkinson's disease?
  • Hey Hillary, how is bill still dickin' bimbos at 70?
  • Her reaction when she finishes before me
  • When it starts kicking in
  • "Ooo cocaine!"
  • OOoo.. Cocaine
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