Experts have warned online poker players about a new piece of malicious software circulating on the internet allows other players to spy on their hands in the middle of a game. The virus can steal login information as well as take pictures of the cards that any poker player has in a game and then send them back to the creators so they can choose whether to bet or fold.

This distinct advantage would allow those who had made the virus to win large amounts of money from other users, as they would know whether they would win with a certain hand in comparison to what others had. According to security researcher Robert Lipovsky, the software has spread as it is disguised as a program to help players improve their poker skills.

It only activates when it detects that a user has logged onto an online poker site and then takes screenshots on a regular basis. Lipovsky did say that the criminals could even be using another program that automatically plays for them. “We are unsure whether the perpetrator plays the games manually or in some automated way,” said Mr Lipovsky.

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