Babies being addicted to dangerous substances such as Heroin at birth is a serious problem, but when the number increases to the tune of ‘one every half hour’, then the country has a deadly epidemic on their hands. The shocking statistics published by the New England Journal of Medicine points out that the number of babies hooked to narcotics has quadrupled over the past decade, a trend that is deeply concerning and disturbing.

This shocking rise is being credited to the fact that numerous mothers in America carrying children have become addicted to painkillers and hard drugs. The babies thereby grow a natural addiction to these substances while being in the womb itself. They therefore face severe withdrawal symptoms immediately after birth, resulting in a distressed, high pitch cry that is nearly inconsolable, according to Dr Paul Winchester at the St. Francis Hospital.

The babies seem to experience withdrawal as quickly as 12 hours after birth and can only be helped by offering minute doses of the narcotics and slowly wear them off. This disturbing trend was first noticed in 2001 when a baby was admitted at the NICU and displayed this particular condition.

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