It appears oil baron Harold Hamm disliked the fact that someone was studying the link between oil drilling and earthquakes in Oklahoma so badly that he wanted those doing the study fired. The revelation surfaced thanks to an email exchange between the CEO and the Dean of the University of Oklahoma, where the scientists were employed. The scientists were studying whether or not oil drilling in Oklahoma was playing a role in the 400 percent increase of quakes in the state over the last few years.

While Hamm claims he never made any requests to have anyone fired, Bloomberg reports that they have acquired emails where he’s quite blunt about his desires. Copies of the emails show that the dean seemed to be doing everything he could to keep Hamm from attempting to move the school’s geological studies department or fire the scientists.

It should be pointed out that at some point, a line was drawn in the sand when it came to firing the scientists or taking the OGS away from the University of Oklahoma. The school points out that Hamm was never added to the search committee. One has to wonder just how much pressure oil companies are putting on other schools in situations like this and how many didn’t have their emails released.

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