There some strange creatures throughout our world already, but this one is easily within the top five ever discovered, it would appear. This strange creature, which was shown to be half-buffalo, half-crocodile, was found in High Rock, Wanghin, Thailand. Photos of this particularly nasty beast were posted online, thankfully.

No one has quite figured out what this particular creature was, though it did have a body similar to a mammal, hoofs and limbs, and a head resembling that of a crocodile or other reptile.

Unfortunately, this strange creature ended up dying not long after being born. Those who live within the small Thai village, however, are considering this to be extremely good luck, and are using it as something of a charm for their area. Everyone around is thanking God for bringing this nasty looking animal into the world.

It is unclear what may have happened to form such a creature, and we’re hoping a scientist or two comes forward to examine the deceased animal’s body and give us a little hint. It will be a wonder if the Thai village will allow that to happen, though.

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