Nvidia GameWorks - Game Over for You

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  • Let Jim from AdoredTV do the talking for you. Paste this link (begins at 951 seconds) the next time another troll tries to refute Nvidia's well proven strategy of planned obsolescence
  • More evidence shows nVidia is gimping performance of current and older nVidia GPU's to push people to buying new nVidia GPU's
  • No wonder why my Kepler NoVideo started sucking dicks. Changing to AyyMD crowd once Polaris is out
  • Something little serious:nVidia gameworks even shits their own gpu so you go buy the new ones
  • Nvidia GameWorks is bad for all gamers, not just AMD buyers
  • Nvidia GameWorks = planned obsolescence for older cards?
  • Not Linux Related, but interesting nevertheless
  • In-depth Analysis of Nvidia GameWorks
  • Nvidia GameWorks - Game Over for You
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    Trevion Gottlieb
    Serious question: if it can be proven that Nvidia is using GameWorks to intentionally gimp their competitors GPUs, would they be in violation of US anti-trust laws?