It’s rarely a good thing when a presenter takes the focus away from the important news she’s trying to put across to the world. Although in all fairness, in this reporter’s case the attention she gained was entirely by accident.

Australia TV’s Ten Eyewitness News Anchor Natarsha Belling became an unwilling viral internet star this weekend after a screengrab of the 39-year-old appeared online. It was here where the strong phallic resemblance bore by Mrs Belling’s unfortunately designed neckline was pointed out.

Much like that other recent clothing-based debate, the blue/black or white/gold dress, it seems this fashion faux pas has caused a huge social media ruckus, with US newsreader Dion Lim lending her support to Belling, claiming people are reading too much into it – something which is not unheard of in the online world. The image has, however, gained over 113,000 likes and been shared over 7,000 times, proving not all news is bad news.