News anchor laughs at the name of a pig

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  • newscaster looses it when he reads the name of this pig. His uncontrollable is gold!
  • News anchor looses control and laughs at name of pig...Chris P. Bacon...mmm bacon
  • Chris P Bacon news anchor reporter looses control laughs at name of pig
  • News Reporter Loses It While Reporting On Disabled Pig Segment
  • News anchor laughs at name of pig. X-post from /r/Videos
  • News anchor reporter loses control laughs at name of pig
  • this reminds me of sips reacting to good ol toby lerone
  • Newscaster cannot stop laughing at this pig's name
  • News anchor loses control at the name of a pig
  • News anchor can't stop laughing at pig's name
  • News anchor laughs at the name of a pig
  • News anchor loses his shit over a pig
  • News anchor laughing at pig's name
  • news anchor looses it EleGiggle
  • Chris P. Bacon visits hospital
  • His laugh is contagious
  • The best 4/20 bust ever
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    Hailey Wehner
    One of my favourite sounds in the world is when a person has a genuine uncontrollable laugh and he has a great one. Made me laugh even when I thought the name wasn't that funny at first.
  • newscaster laughing at pig
  • news anchor loses it over pig
  • news anchor laughing at pig