A newly discovered species of catfish has been named after the wide-eyed alien bounty hunter, Greedo, from Star Wars. The fish, according to reports, is said to look quite close to the science fiction character. The scientific name for the catfish is Peckoltia Greedoi, and features large dark eyes, puckered lips, and bristles protruding from its body. Greedo, for those who haven’t watched Star Wars, is from Episode IV: A New Hope. The alien was killed by Han Solo in an attempt to collect a large debt for crime-lord Jabba the Hutt.

Jonathan Armbruster, biological sciences professor and curator of fishes at the Auburn University Museum of Natural History, said:

I think it was the whole package that evoked Greedo, but particularly the eyes and the underslung mouth.

The specimens were originally discovered in 1998 by researchers at the Gurupi River in Brazil. Armbruster managed to get his hands on them in 2005 while writing a manuscript on the genus of catfish. At the time, the professor thought they were incredibly unusual.

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