New Trailer for Batman v Superman

source: youtube

  • Comic-Con Trailer still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. Even the same movie would've gotten much better reception if the story was structured properly but I still enjoyed it. Can't wait for JL
  • Imagine Batman as an Ex-Muslim, Superman as a Muslim and Alfred as a Regressive Left Apologist and watch this trailer like that
  • New trailer for Batman v Superman v Lex Luthor v Wonder Woman v Some Other Shit Too: Dawn of Making a Ton of Fucking Money
  • Do I detect a hint of atheist subtext to the new Batman vs. Superman trailer? A man vs. god fight for humanity?
  • Is it just me or was 2:55 when Batman grapples away, it was the most Batman thing to ever be in a Batman film?
  • Is the Wayne parent shooting the same in this as is it is at the beginning montage of Watchmen?
  • This still remains the best 'DCUO' trailer to date. Junkie XL's soundtrack is mesmerizing
  • Does anybody know what they are singing at this point in the BVS trailer?
  • On this day fifteen days ago, this milestone in cinema was released
  • Welp. The Superman vs Batman trailer is a complete dumpster fire
  • Batman V Superman SDCC Trailer Hits 60 Million Views on Youtube
  • This Batman v Superman Comic Con Trailer Is the Hypest Shit!
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  • I'm just going to leave this little bit of awesomeness here
  • Superman vs Batman.. The Ace for DC comics and DC universal
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  • 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Comic-Con Trailef
  • Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic-Con Trailer
  • Batman vs Superman trailer. RED SON BATMAN AT 2:40!
  • New BvS trailer shows Eli Broad Art Museum @2:34
  • コミコン版「バットマン v スーパーマン」のトレイラーが到着 ワンダーウーマンが!
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  • Anyone got the music for this?
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