Belgian technology company Dongle Apps has created a brand new electronic device that can be fitted into cars to allow parents to spy on their children when they are driving. The gadget monitors the speed of the driver and sends alerts by text message or email to parents when the car is travelling too fast.

Using a car’s on-board diagnostic tools to determine how fast a driver is going and GPS data to work out the speed limit on the road, the gadget is able to accurately tell when a vehicle is speeding. It can also watch for other driving characteristics and provide reports that detail the route the car took and what type of driving style was used.

While some teenager drivers are worried that it will essentially allow their parents to monitor exactly where they go at all times, the Traffic Safety Institute in Belgium has welcomed the technology. They also point out that as well as getting drivers to travel more safely on roads, the reports can be used to lower prices with insurance firms as they can show that no traffic laws have been broken.