New Hunger Games Teaser Will Give You Chills

source: youtube

This fall, the epic story of the Hunger Games will come to an end in theaters, and the producers of Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 want you to be plenty hyped. In order to get you hyped up and ready to go, they have released a brand new teaser video which is short on content but full of style and will definitely send a little chill down your back. Those who have been following the series that this final installation will depict all out war between District 13 and the Capital.

The video doesn’t presume to show scenes from the film, but instead shows the army of District 13 all geared up and ready to go into battle. Every soldier is dressed in all white and are doing a number of different drill steps and acrobatics with their guns. As the steps continue a figure, dressed in all red moves to the front of the columns and is eventually revealed to be Katniss. As she stands in front of the troops, they make one final move, showing off the symbol of the revolution.

Check out the new video and tell us you didn’t get pretty darn excited.

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