New form of Catfishing!

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  • Couple of guys went fishing and caught some kittens that just swam up to their boat for no good reason
  • Alabama fishermen rescue two kittens from a river, bring new meaning to the term "catfishing"
  • "Catfishing" on the Warrior River; 2 men on boat save 2 swimming kittens
  • Kittens swim to a fisherman's boat looking to be rescued
  • These guys went catfishing and actually caught two cats
  • 2 guys go fishing, end up catching swimming kittens
  • "Catfishing" on the Warrior River - YouTube
  • Two men ended up catfishing on the river!
  • Just catchin' some cats out on the river
  • Kitten fishing on the Warrior River
  • "CatFishing" Not Your Typical Aww
  • The best kind of catfish
  • New form of Catfishing!
  • 船釣りを愉しもうとしてたらネコが
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