NBA Players Read Mean Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

source: youtube

In honor of the NBA Finals going on right now, Jimmy Kimmel debuted a new Mean Tweets segment featuring NBA players and announcers reading mean tweets that have been wrote about them. These are some hilarious videos and even President Barack Obama read tweets people have wrote about him!

The video features everyone from Jeremy Lin to Magic Johnson, but our favorite has to be Wesley Matthews of the Portland Trail Blazers. The tweet talks about Matthews arguing every foul call and that he should just go sit on the bench and eat some donuts. They even call him a fat f-ck, with Matthews responding that he only has six percent body fat!

For a good laugh, you have to check out some familiar NBA faces reading mean tweets! The tweets are good, but their reactions are even better!

  • Draymond Green reading his mean tweet, pretty spot on
  • How they gonna do our boy Jimmy Bada$$ like that??
  • Zach Randolph reads a mean tweet on Kimmel
  • Mean Tweets - NBA Edition #3
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