A giant Nazi banner that was displayed over a government building in France for the filming of an upcoming movie adaptation has proved controversial, with many local residents angry that they weren’t informed about if beforehand.

The unveiling of the large flag led to those in the area becoming alarmed, while others began shouting abuse at those holding it up on top of the Palais de la Prefecture earlier in the week. The local government had given permission to the film crew to use the building and display the Nazi banner as part of an initiative to ensure the country doesn’t forget about the atrocities committed under the Hitler-led regime.

People started screaming… they were really agitated,” said visitor Andrew Gentry. “There was nothing around to explain what was going on. The scene was just surreal.

The film is an adaptation of the memoirs of Joseph Joffo, A Bag of Marbles. It tells the story of how SS chief Alois Brunner used the building as his headquarters while organizing the arrest and transportation of Jews to death camps. Meanwhile, officials say that they did everything they could to make people aware of the event and that they had contacted local Jewish communities to explain what was going on.

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