NASA has recently undergone a new series of testing where they have paid $18,000 to a single man for lying in bed for a lengthy period of 70 days. Following a Reddit post, Drew Iwanicki applied for the ‘bed rest study’ by NASA. One year later, the man was laid off from his job and discovered he had been chosen for this experiment. NASA flew him to Texas and began the study shortly after.

The first five days were the worst, apparently. Speaking to Next Shark, Drew said his mind and body were adjusting to the new environment. His head had been tilted at a six-degree angle, and his feet were held over his head. He said: “I’ve never had any serious type of hospitalization, so the idea of bed rest was a very foreign idea. Then the fact that I was not able to sit up makes it more extreme. Physically, it was a painful experience; the body is not used to laying down for extended periods of time.”

Besides the intense lack of privacy during the entire experiment, Drew was forced onto a strict sleep schedule, no napping, and only allowed to leave the bed should he have to use the shower or toilet.

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