Fire, police and life guard officials are baffled how a woman managed to get three miles out to sea while completely naked. The 28-year-old had to be rescued from the water after a pair of kayakers spotted her struggling, though authorities are confused about how she got there as she had no boat, safety equipment or even a bathing suit.

After she was pulled from the water, the unidentified woman told deputies from the Harbor Patrol that she had been in the water for hours after she was pulled out to see the night before by a rip current. According to her statement, she had spent 16 hours in the sea and had taken off her swimming costume so that it wouldn’t restrict her ability to swim.

However, the story didn’t add up as none of her belongings that she had left on the beach were there and the coastguard could turn up no information that the woman had been in the water the previous day. Medics were also confused about how she seemed to be completely fine when they would expect a normal person to be suffering from hypothermia after spending that long in the cold sea.

Meanwhile, Newport Beach lifeguard David Pratt explained that rip current would never be able to carry a person out that far, as they typically would dissipate after 200 feet. All of this has left the officials completely puzzled by the mystery woman and why she was swimming three miles off shore naked.

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