A man who was completely naked and running around an apartment building was breaking windows with his bare hands as he screamed that he was Jesus Christ. He kept asking people if they thought they deserved to live and also said he was going to bleed to death. He then asked if they could stop him from bleeding to death. He also claimed that because he was Jesus Christ, he could read minds. This was all caught on video at the Cedar Tower’s apartment block in Long Beach, California.

As bystanders shockingly watched him smashing the windows with his bare hands and bleeding profusely, he asked those watching him, “isn’t this the worst you’ve ever seen it? I’m going to die, you’ve got to help me live.” He then went on to ask everyone watching him, “Who deserves to live, who deserves to live? Do you believe that you deserve to live?

Right before the camera cuts off, he starts telling people that he is bleeding to death. According to reports, a spokeswoman for the Long Beach Police Department stated that officers were called at three in the morning to the apartment block. Once the police arrived, they found many windows broken and restrained the man. Paramedics then took him to the hospital. No arrests have been made yet but the investigation is ongoing.

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