A Muslim teenager at a school in North London was pulled out of his classes and questioned by officials after he said the word “eco-terrorism” during a group discussion about environmental protesters. His parents are now set to take legal action against Central Foundation school for what they believe was prejudice because of their son’s religious beliefs and ethnic background.

Court documents reveal that the boy was taking part in a class discussion during a French lesson in which pupils were talking about the environment and activists who take part in protests. The boy, who has remained anonymous, mentioned in French that there are some extreme protesters who take violent measures to stop logging companies and said that they were called eco-terrorists.

A week later, he was dragged out of his classes and taken to an inclusion center where he was questioned by a child protection officer and school officials about whether or not he was affiliated with Islamic State or other terrorist organizations. His parents claim that this left the 14-year-old visibly distressed and scared that he was essentially being accused of being part of ISIS.

I didn’t know what was going on,” the boy said. “They said there had been safety concerns raised. If you are taken out of French class and asked about ISIS, it is quite scary. My heart skipped a beat.

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